original article

Vol. 10 No. 2


December 2018

— Kolawole Oluseyi Akande, Adegboyega Akere and Morenike Adedoyin Osundina


Background/Objective: Hepatitis B is a public health problem and is the commonest aetiology for chronic liver disease in Nigeria. Many published works allude to the fact that hospital workers constitute a “special group at risk” owing to occupational exposure to HBV among other infective agents. The aim of this study was to determine the knowledge of hepatitis B virus, its routes of transmission and vaccination uptake among hospital workers in south west Nigeria.

Methods: This was a cross sectional study in which a self-administered questionnaire was used to obtain information from different cadres of hospital workers across different occupational cadres of health care facilities. Knowledge score was calculated for each respondent. Associations between variables were tested for using Student’s t test and ANOVA.

Results: A total of 1,018 health workers comprising 383 (37.6%) Nurses, 220 (21.6%) hospital Maids, 90 (8.8%) Pharmacists, 80 (7.9%) Laboratory Scientists, 63 (6.2%) Health information Officers, 56 (5.5%) Laboratory Technologists, 46 (4.5%) medical officers, 39 (3.8%) Pharmacist Technicians, and 41(4%) other hospital staff participated in the study. Almost all the respondents,998 (97%) knew about hepatitis B, only 557 (60%) and 449 (44%) knew hepatitis B could be transmitted through needle prick and from mother to child respectively. Mean knowledge score was 12.53 ± 3.83 and was significantly related to cadre of the health workers (p=0.00) and the level of the hospital where they work (p=0.01). Eight Hundred and forty-one respondents (82.6%) knew their HBV status while, only 688 (66.8%) respondents reported having been vaccinated.

Conclusion: While a majority of the hospital workers in south west Nigeria seem to be aware of the hepatitis B infection, many are still either not aware of some important routes of transmission and many are yet to be vaccinated against the virus.

Keywords: Health workers, Hepatitis B, Vaccination uptake, Knowledge


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